Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Rings

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If you are currently shopping around for wedding bands you may be in the phase where the engagement excitement is still buzzing and the wedding planning is underway. With that, comes many questions you have never had to answer before…
What type of wedding dress/suit will you be wearing?
Do you need a photographer AND a videographer?
What is your budget for flowers?
Who will you choose to be a bridesmaid/groomsman?
And of course, what type of wedding rings would you like?
For a simple piece of jewellery, there are a surprising number factors to consider. As it is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime purchase you want to make sure you get it perfect.
White Gold Matching Wedding Bands

What Metal To Choose?

One of the first things to think about when deciding on a wedding band will be what metal would you like to have. Typically women who have an engagement ring will opt for the metal of the wedding band to match their engagement ring. Men can choose to have the matching metal to that of their partner or something different.
If you are still deciding, a simple question to start with is- do you prefer the colour gold or silver? By answering this you can then get more specific.
Yellow Gold
For those considering a yellow gold wedding ring, the next step will be to decide between 9ct or 18ct gold. These are the main two options for gold in the UK and the two yellow gold options offered by Amy Jennifer Jewellery. 
To summarise, the word carat (ct or K) when describing gold represents the purity of the metal. A 9ct gold ring will have a small stamp inside with the numbers 375, this translates to 375 parts out of 1000 pure gold. An 18ct gold ring will have a 750 stamp inside which is 750 parts out of 1000 pure gold. 
When there is a higher gold content in a piece of jewellery the more ‘yellow’ the metal will look. 18ct is known for its bright lustrous gold colour. The content of pure gold in a piece of jewellery will also be reflected in the cost as gold is primarily sold by weight. The price can be a factor when deciding which metal to choose. 
White Gold
White gold wedding rings have the same system to measure their purity, 9ct and 18ct white gold are the same two options available from Amy Jennifer Jewellery. White gold still has yellow gold content but the mix of other metals in the alloy is different to give it that white finish. White gold has a similar look to platinum, if you are looking for a silver coloured metal but would like a non-tarnish ring that has a high-value white gold is a great option.
As there is no such thing as true white gold the surface of a white gold ring can have a yellowish tint to it. A simple solution for all white gold jewellery is to rhodium plate as the final step in the making process. This can fade, and even though the change it subtle it is recommended to get your white gold rings rhodium plated every 1-2 years. 
Platinum is a brilliant option for those who love the cooler silvery hues. It has a natural grey tone that will never change. Unlike white gold, platinum does not fade in colour and does not require rhodium plating, it is an extremely low maintenance metal. The density of platinum is greater than all other precious metals and its durability ensures it keeps its shape for a whole lifetime. This also means platinum rings can feel heavier than the same ring in gold.
As of 2022 platinum is currently less expensive than gold while at the same time it is rarer. The price of platinum is similar to that of 18ct gold, but the prices at ultimately determined on the market metal price at the time you purchase.

What Style To Choose?

Amy Jennifer Jewellery has a selection of different wedding band styles that can be his'n hers matching rings. Each of the designs can be ordered in your chosen metal, you can even choose the same style with different metals. Remember, there is no rule to say you must have a matching ring, every couple is different and what someone else is doing doesn't mean you have to too!
Even simple bands can have many unique characteristics. The profiles that are available to order from Amy Jennifer Jewellery are; D-Shape, court, flat court, textured and tapered. If these are not what you had in mind there is always the option to order a custom made ring. Please get in touch to discuss your ideas.
Wedding Band Profile Styles
D-Shape Ring Profile
Our D-Shape wedding rings have a flat surface inside the ring that sits next to your skin with a domed exterior. The name D-Shape comes from the shape you see if you take a slice out of the ring and turn it on its side. They can also be known as half round rings. Available in men's and women's sizes.
White Gold D Shape Wedding BandYellow Gold D Shape Wedding Band
Court Ring Profile
Our Court shape wedding rings can also be called comfort fit wedding rings. They have a rounded edge on the outside of the ring and the side. This allows for the ring to smoothly slide on and off the finger with little resistance. They also have a softer look to them. Available in men's and women's sizes.
Yellow Gold Court Wedding BandWhite Gold Court Wedding Band
Double Comfort Ring Profile
Out double comfort court wedding rings are similar to the standard court ring, it also has rounded edges on the side and outside but the ring has a flatter surface whereas the standard court has a rounded surface. These are great for someone who is looking for a ring with a reduced thickness. Available in men's and women's sizes.
White Gold Flat Court Wedding BandYellow Gold Flat Court Wedding Band
Textured Ring Profile
Our textured wedding ring is an original Amy Jennifer Jewellery design. The inside of the ring is flat and the outer is domed. The profile is similar to the D-Shape profile with the hand-carved markings on the outside making it a beautifully unique wedding ring option. Available in men's and women's sizes.
Yellow Gold Textured Wedding BandWhite Gold Textured Wedding Band
Tapered Ring Profile
Our tapered ring profile has a flat surface on the inside with a rounded exterior, similar to that of the D-Shape profile. The main feature that sets this ring apart is its graduated shape, the top of the band being the thickest and tapers down in both depth and width to be its thinnest at the back. This is an unusual style of wedding band and is ideal for those with high setting engagement rings. Available in women's size.
White Gold Tapered Wedding BandYellow Gold Tapered Wedding Band

What Size To Choose?

It is important to know your ring size before you click purchase on any ring. Since there is no element of surprise when it comes to wedding bands it's a good idea to get your finger professionally sized by a jeweller. With the long list of things to do before a wedding the last thing you would want is to buy a size that isn't a perfect fit.
If you do accidentally get something a little too big or small, don't worry. Wedding rings are one of the easiest types of rings to alter. For more information on how to find out your ring size click here to read our size guide. 
Platinum Tapered Wedding Band
Who knew there were so many questions around a single wedding band! There are many options out there and infinite ways to customise a ring. Each wedding ring from Amy Jennifer Jewellery has been hand carved and they are made to measure in the exact size you need. 
If you feel like you have more questions you can arrange a private consultation via telephone or Zoom to discuss your future wedding rings.
Click here to browse our wedding ring collection online.

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