My 'Toi Et Moi' Gender Reveal Ring

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In 2022 we live in a world where we share intimate details of our lives and celebrate all of life's little wins! Finding out the sex of an unborn baby is no different and our feeds are full of creative and fun gender reveals!

When it comes to announcing the gender of my very first baby I of course jumped at the opportunity to somehow incorporate jewellery! I feel that to create a keepsake and make something unique is such a special way to honour this precious time and personal news. 

I came up with the idea for a ‘gender reveal ring’ somewhere between weeks 12-14 of my pregnancy when things started to feel ‘pretty real’ after my first ultrasound scan. I was then realising that by the time my second scan came around we could find out the gender of our little one. 

We received lots of questions about if we would find out the sex. Would we wait until they are born? Would have a gender reveal party? The list goes on. I started thinking of more personal and subtle but creative ways to announce the gender of our baby. We decided early on that we didn't want a party, no confetti cannons or smoke bombs but I felt like I did want something to celebrate the news somehow. 

I fell in love with the idea of making a special ring that was just for me- a rare treat for a jeweller to make jewellery just for herself!

I started dreaming and drawing and landed on the idea of making a ‘Toi Et Moi’ ring. A design typically used as an engagement ring, ‘Toi Et Moi’ is French and translates to “You and Me’. Although, for this occasion I couldn't think of something more beautifully fitting. 

Toi Et Moi Ring Jewellery Sketch

My favourite gemstone cut is a pear shape so I decided to use one next to a round stone and have the pear-shaped gemstone represent the ‘gender’ and a smaller white round Diamond to represent 'Moi'.

This ring design was sketched out by hand and then drawn up in CAD (computer-aided design). This helps map out the exact proportions of the gemstones next to one another and decide on the angles, all while having full visual reference.

Toi Et Moi Ring CAD Drawing


Toi Et Moi Ring CAD Drawing


Toi Et Moi Ring CAD Drawing

In advance of the 20 weeks scan where we find out the gender from the sonographer, I picked out which gemstones I would use to represent a baby boy or baby girl. With so many beautiful gems to choose from the decision wasn't easy, but gemstone shopping is a favourite pastime of mine, and I adored deciding what I felt fit the vision in my mind.

I personally prefer a more neutral palette and opted for the most beautiful Peach Morganite for a girl and a Pale Blue Sapphire for a boy.


Peach Morganite and Blue Sapphire Gemstone


Peach Morganite and Blue Sapphire Gemstone

I decided to make the ring in 18K yellow gold, it is such a warm and vibrant metal that goes beautifully with both the Morganite and Sapphire tones. This is a ring I intend to wear daily, and as I build up my own personal yellow gold jewellery collection it will be a perfect addition.

In the time between the sketches and the scan I had picked out the gemstones, printed my design in wax, cast it in 18K yellow gold and set the 0.20ct diamond. All ready for the final gemstone to be set…

Fast forward to the magical 20 weeks scan- we were able to see our little baby on the screen once again. Moving around so much the sonographer struggles to get a photograph. We had the wonderful news that everything is on track and we got a top score for all the important progress markers. Of course, a healthy baby is the #1 priority and after the health check, we got the exciting news that the gender of our baby…


Toi Et Moi Ring in Peach Morganite and Diamond


Toi Et Moi Ring in Peach Morganite and Diamond

It's a girl

Creating this ‘You and Me’ ring during my pregnancy has been an incredibly special experience and gives this piece of jewellery sentiment and meaning. I intend on getting her birthday engrave into the inside of the band after she is born. It's a ring I will cherish forever and would love to pass it on one day to my future daughter. Let's hope she loves jewellery as much as her mama!!


Please get in touch if you would also like to honour this special time with a piece of jewellery. Wearing this ring fills my heart with so much love and excitement for the future. I consider it to be a future family heirloom. This ring design can be used with any gemstone and customised just for you. I can ‘keep the secret’ and work with couples to make a surprise announcement. The gemstones do not need to be exclusively ‘pink’ or ‘blue’, other ways to celebrate special dates would be to use a birthstone. 

To order this ring for yourself click here.

Please email to chat about your very own gender reveal jewellery.

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  • You have brought tears to my eyes! Seriously! It feels like just yesterday I was at this same stage of life, the most exciting and memorable times of my life. Now I am 38 with my daughter graduating HS, my oldest son starts driving in December, and the other two boys are 12 and 4. It flies by at an incredible rate of speed! When I was pregnant with my first son, my Aunt was working in jewelry and gifted me a beautiful blue topaz ring by David Yurman…which I haven’t worn in years. But reading this post reminds me of the significance that piece holds for me and I am going to start wearing it again!

    Savour the times ahead and do all you can to record the special memories that are on the horizon…. 🤍

    Taylor Price on
  • Congratulation! I loved reading this and it is just beautiful. Best wishes for your baby girl.

    Sharon on

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