How To Order A Fitted Wedding Ring

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If you are reading this post and the time has come to consider what wedding ring, congratulations on your engagement! This is a magical time filled with exciting conversations about your big day and envisioning your beautiful future together.

One of the next big decisions in your wedding planning will be: what type of wedding band do you want?

Your engagement ring may be the star of the show, but the wedding band is yet another opportunity to make the set extra special. If a plain gold band doesn't fill you with much excitement, then I have fabulous news: you can make your wedding band as impressive as you like. Ways to do this can be to add some sparkle to your band by incorporating diamonds or colored gemstones into the design.

We especially love creating bridal sets. Wedding bands that perfectly fit around your engagement ring. This can create an overall aesthetic where the rings are a matching set and made for one another – just like you and your true love.

Not only is this a beautiful option, it can also be practical. Choosing a wedding band that fits around your engagement ring prevents any overlap of settings and stones, protecting the engagement ring from impact damage over time.

Maia Salt & Pepper Diamond Ring

OK, I think I want my wedding ring to fit around my engagement ring, what do I do next?

If you've decided to opt for a fitted wedding band, the next step is to decide what shape band you want around your engagement ring.

  • Curved, also know as arch rings, contour rings, shaped rings or arc rings.
  • V-shape, also known as wishbone rings.
  • Custom-fit
3 Diamond wedding bands

You can purchase designs off our website that are a standard contouring shape and these will work with many classic engagement rings. We understand that ordering a fitted wedding band can be intimidating when you haven't seen how the rings will fit together. This is why we have a new service where you can order any of our fitted wedding bands in a wax model to try with your ring before you commit to purchasing a ring. Choose the design you are interested in along with your ring size and we will send you a plastic replica of the ring design. Once you are happy with the fit, you can order the same design in your chosen precious metal and we will make it for you.

I think I would prefer to order a ring that is made to fit around my engagement ring...

The next option for those who want to make sure the wedding band is the perfect fit around your engagement ring is to create a custom piece. This can simply mean taking one of our existing designs and customizing its shape and measurements to fit perfectly around your ring.

Fallen in love with one of our designs and want to create a custom fit around your engagement ring? Get in touch.

Kauai Diamond Fitted Ring


If you have big ideas for your wedding band and want something truly unique, let's design you a custom wedding ring from scratch. Here, nothing is off the table and you can go as big and bold as you like.

This style of custom design opens up all your options to different sizes, shapes, and colors of gemstones.

Through this process, you will have a design consultation with Amy to discuss your dreams and ideas. From there, you will be provided with a selection of designs based on your preferences. With your chosen design, we will draw the ring in CAD (computer-aided design), allowing you to see your rings in 3D next to each other in accurate proportions. Once you give us the green light for the design, we will make it and bring it to life. It is an exciting process and a truly bespoke journey to ensure you get your perfect wedding ring.

To discuss a custom-made fitted wedding ring, please arrange a consultation.


Other Design Aspects to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Band:

Gemstones or a Classic Band?

Gemstones can be incorporated into the wedding ring design in many different ways.

  • Pave set - Where the gemstones are set into the surface of the ring, this keeps the profile of the band low.
  • Flush set - This is where the gemstones are completely flush to the surface of the ring and have no visible or raised setting.
  • Claw set - Otherwise known as a prong setting, this type of setting will be best for more detailed wedding band designs with larger gemstones.

What Metal to Choose?

Typically, you would opt for the same metal as your engagement ring to keep the continuity of the style. That being said, mixed metal sets are becoming increasingly popular, and the most important opinion on your rings is your own – so follow your heart. Be mindful of your particular lifestyle when choosing metals – read our wedding ring post about the different metals and their properties.

How Thick Should the Band Be?

This decision comes down to two factors: your lifestyle and your preferences.

If you have a busy lifestyle that involves working a lot with your hands, then opt for a slightly thicker band. There are no rules on how wide you can go, and if you are after a striking, bold look a wider band will be for you.

If your engagement ring is delicate and you prefer a more refined minimal look then a slender band will be perfect. 

To get advice on what to choose you can reach out at any time to discuss your ideas.



Deciding on your dream wedding band should be a fun and exciting experience. If at any time you feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices remember to take your time and go with what feels true to your desires. Try to ignore trends and what everyone else is doing. 

Your wedding band is going to be worn with your engagement ring and it should make your heart sing seeing them both together after all, it symbolises your love story.

Fitted wedding rings

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