Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

Each piece of jewellery from Amy Jennifer Jewellery has been handmade using the finest precious metals and gemstones. Caring for your jewellery ensures that it looks beautiful every time you wear it.


Avoid wearing your jewellery while bathing, in bed, or during exercise, as exposure to water, sweat, or friction can affect its lustre. Additionally, refrain from directly spraying perfume or applying creams onto your jewellery.


To care for your jewellery, we recommend using a polishing cloth regularly to keep your jewellery bright and to prevent the natural process of tarnishing. Gently rub your jewellery with a soft polishing cloth, being gentle with delicate pieces.

For deeper cleaning, use lukewarm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Take care when brushing around gemstones.

The surface of Gold, Platinum and Silver will lightly scratch through regular, daily wear. Although this is normal to get your jewellery looking brand new your piece can easily be polished by a professional jeweller.

Please avoid using commercial jewellery cleaning solutions, as they may be too harsh and could damage certain stones like turquoise, opal, malachite, and coral by removing their patina or affecting their porous nature.


Regularly inspect your jewellery for any loose gemstones. If you suspect a stone has become loose, kindly reach out to us for assistance. If you ever feel uncertain about caring for your new jewellery, don't hesitate to contact us for guidance.


To protect your jewellery, pieces should be individually placed in a pouch or within a soft lined box to stop them from being scratched or tangled. Ideally store your jewellery in a dark, cool and dry place, and try to keep pieces apart, so that they don't rub together or tangle up. 



Pearl Lariat necklace in rose gold on shell shaped plate