What Is My Ring Size?

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Buying rings online for yourself (or someone else) can be slightly risky if you don’t know the ring size you need. Knowing your ring size before you place an order will prevent that feeling of disappointment when the ring is that little bit too big or too small. There are many ways to find your ring size professionally or from home.

Here are a number of ways to find out your correct size

  • Visit your local jeweller and ask to have your fingers measured with their ring gauge. This will be the most accurate method and most jewellers will be happy to advise you on ring sizing options and best fit practices. You will want the ring to fit snugly once it is on and to have a slight grip on the finger when getting it get back off over the knuckle. Alternatively, if you’re buying a ring for someone else, you (sneakily) can borrow one of their rings and bring it to the jeweller to size on a mandrel. This is accurate as long as the ring you borrow is for the same finger you want to buy the new ring for. It is also important to note that the width of the ring you borrow is similar to the one you are looking to purchase.

  • If there are no jewellers in your area or you would like to measure from the comfort of your own home, then you can order one of our sizing gauges and measure yourself before ordering. These little plastic ring gauges are great to have at home to be able to measure your fingers especially when weight change has occured. Simply thread the tip through the space with the arrow to create a ring. Then pull the end to tighten the ring around your finger. You want the ring to fit snug but be able to be pulled off over the knuckle without discomfort. It is also important that the right gauge isnt loose on your finger and doesn't spin around.  

  • Another option is to measure the inside diameter of a ring you already own that fits well. Once you get an accurate measurement you can find your correct size on this size chart.

    Ring size conversion chart

    There are 3 main types of ring measurement. US ring size, UK Ring size and EU ring size. Each one uses a slightly different metric of measurement. Many times when shopping online, you will see these different ring sizes depending on where the company is based. It is easy to convert these different ring measurements with the help of our ring size conversion chart.


    • If you don’t have any rings (yet) then another option is to measure the circumference of your finger. You can use a piece of string, floss or cut out a thin strip of paper. Wrap it around your finger and mark off where it overlaps. Then measure the length with a ruler and use the circumference to find your size on the chart. Keep in mind that string may stretch and is likely thinner than the ring will be ordering so don’t wrap it too tight! Another good option is a cable tie because you’ll also be able to hold the size in place and see how it slides on and off your finger.

        When determining your size, you want to keep in mind that the size of your finger fluctuates throughout the day so it’s usually a good idea to take a few measurements at different times. Your fingers will be smaller when you are cold and bigger when it’s warm or after any exercise. The correct size can also be affected by the width of the band. Wider rings will usually need to be a ½ size larger than narrow ones.


        Lastly, if you don’t want to risk getting the wrong size then you can always take a look at our necklaces or earrings for a one-size-fits-all option.

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