Wedding Ring Remodel- Triple Ring Design

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Remodelling existing jewellery is a sustainable way of creating a truly bespoke item. Whether a piece feels dated, is damaged, or no longer suits your taste, there are endless possibilities when it comes to extracting the precious metals and gemstones within it to create something new.

When a loved one passes away, their wedding bands can hold a bittersweet ache. The rings represent a lifetime of memories and happiness. It is sometimes difficult to know what to do with them; as cherished heirlooms, they are often kept safe in drawers – secure, but out of view.

When Christine reached out to me to inquire about the process of ring remodelling, I explained that we can use the precious metals and gemstones from any existing rings and create a new design using the sentimental rings.

Christine had two wedding bands and two engagement rings that she wanted remodelling into one ring she could wear and cherish. The wedding bands were 18K rose gold and 18K yellow gold. The engagement rings consisted of one 18K yellow gold band and an upgraded ring in 18K white gold with a 1ct diamond. To keep the ring yellow and rose, we chose not to use the white gold but to take the diamonds from that ring. 

old wedding rings and diamond engagement ring

I presented Christine with a series of design options using the gold and gemstones. She gave me examples of styles she wears and likes, as well as an outline of how she wanted the ring to look. As we were using rose and yellow gold from the wedding bands, it was important to show them next to each other.

jewellery design drawings

Once Christine chose her favorite design, I carefully removed the diamonds, melted down the rings, and kept the colors of gold separate.

Crafting the ring by hand using traditional goldsmithing techniques ensures that all the gold from the ring is used and not mixed with any other metals.

old wedding rings being melted down
Ring remodel workshop images yellow and rose gold

Rings like these bring me both anxiety and joy. I am always truly honored to be chosen to make such important jewellery. The sentimental value of the wedding bands is priceless, and every step is taken meticulously to ensure everything is perfect.

This ring is a new piece that can now be worn every day. It celebrates that love story and keeps their memories alive. It carries a legacy of love and can be cherished forever.

Triple Ring Design in 18K Yellow and Rose Gold and 1ct Diamond Ring Remodel on white background
Triple Ring Design in 18K Yellow and Rose Gold and 1ct Diamond Ring Remodel on white background
Triple Ring Design in 18K Yellow and Rose Gold and 1ct Diamond Ring Remodel on white background
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