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 Sometimes the exciting part about owning a jewellery business is getting to be creative in other ways outside of designing jewellery!

One of the most important parts in having a business is creating a strong brand identity. This includes but is not limited to;

  • Business cards
  • Logo
  • Brand colours
  • Packaging
  • Fonts
  • Materials

The thought process that goes into curating these is often overlooked. The goal of good branding is clean, effortless and authentic. Packaging is carefully designed to compliment the company’s products and support the story of the brand as a whole.


 plastic free packaging


Being sustainable in my packaging has always been a priority. When beginning my search for new jewellery boxes in early 2019 I had my checklist ready of what I would and wouldn’t use.


Eco Friendly Ring box


Not only did the boxes have to be recycle-able they had to be made from recycled materials.

Lucky for me it is 2019 and finding an eco-friendly company that does just that was not too hard to find.

In the past I have used cards with photographs of my jewellery as well as a large jewellery care card and business card. I have updated this set of cards into a 3 in 1 tag.

AJJ business cards


This is more of a 'no frills' approach as I know most people do not keep everything they receive in the mail. I prefer to keep the fancy designs on the jewellery and let this classy little cardboard box keep it safe for you. 

The card used has no fancy finish and no coloured inks and uses a fraction of the amount of card to give the same information. They can be easily popped into the recycling bin if need be.


And finally, one of the things that for me was an EASY thing to change - was getting rid of plastic tape.


Plastic free tape


Tape is a necessity in packaging, mostly for security reasons. You definitely want to protect the contents and be the first person to see whats inside. Although we can’t get around using it there are definitely eco-friendly alternatives to plastic tape.

The paper tape I use for all AJJ orders has been used on parcels sent around the world from Thailand and arrived in perfect condition.

It doesn’t peel away easily and is strong.

A satisfying rip open or gliding a little knife around the edges will get you inside the parcel.

amyjenniferjewellery plasticfree packaging

There is nothing I hate more than battling with the triple tape wrapped package to get at my new shiny purchase. Maybe it’s the sheer amount of tape I'v seen used that has tipped me over the edge but enough is enough!

I mean, it’s no secret now that the amount of waste we throw away is, in the literal sense- unsustainable. As we all arm ourselves with cotton bags and copper straws sometimes we don’t always get the option with how much plastic we have in our lives. It goes beyond our own efforts and falls on the shoulders of the companies we buy from.

As someone who loves online shopping as much as the next 29 year old who works from home. There is nothing I HATE more than to open up an exciting delivery to find two fistfuls of plastic. Even if I didn’t know how much plastic I was going to end up with, I still feel this immense guilt (that I didn’t sign up for) when I’m shoving it in the bin. Then I go ahead and making mental note not to order from that company again.


Say No To Plastic

So when you treat yourself to your very own special piece of jewellery from AJJ rest assured no plastic will be sent to you along with it. Each part of the parcel can be recycled- even the jewellery itself is technically recyclable. All the materials used have thoughtfully been selected with the environment in mind and it doesn't cost you a penny extra.

Amy xo


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  • Hi Amy,

    I really enjoyed reading this, like the other commenters above I have found it difficult to find a supplier who has recyclable packaging products. If you are willing to share, I’d love to know who you are working with. I hate the idea of anything I am profiting from hurting our environment. Your jewelry is also beautiful, keep up the good work!

    Laura Wells on
  • Really love this post and all your sustainability practices! I’m a budding jeweler (still a side hustling jeweler right now), and finding eco-friendly packaging has been quite a feat for me as I’m get more into it! I don’t think I’ve come across this paper tape before, I really like that idea. Would you be willing to share the some of the eco-friendly vendors you work with? I’m glad I stumbled across your blog and your brand. I love your mission and style! Keep up the green work! :)

    Kathryn on
  • I love this article and your morals align with my own. I am searching for a reliable company to purchase eco-friendly packaging. What company do you purchase your packaging from? Are the packages biodegradable as well?

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

    jessie Iversen on

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