My Beginning

Amy Jennifer Jewellery officially started out in 2015 on the little island of Koh Tao, Thailand, in a little house in the jungle. Earlier in the year, the thought of having my own jewellery business was worlds away but something I would daydream about on a daily basis. After beginning my research and getting excited about making the business a reality things quickly started to take shape. It was by no means an easy feat gathering together all the necessities for a functioning workshop in Thailand but through sweat blood and tears (and lots of my savings), I did it. Alas Amy Jennifer Jewellery was born.

My jewellery is what I have been passionate about ever since I picked up my first pair of pliers at 14 years old as a Saturday girl at a family jewellers, after much begging to my dad and his goldsmith to let me in the workshop and use the tools I never looked back.
Later on when big life decisions are being made in school about what subjects to move forward with and eventually what university courses are being chosen I never had a plan B, it was always going to be jewellery. Always.
After 3 glorious years at Sheffield Hallam University studying Metalwork & Jewellery I decided to travel, 6 months later I was on a flight to Thailand about to fall in love with an island I now call home.