Welcome to Amy Jennifer Jewellery!

Showcasing handmade sterling silver jewellery that I design and create with sincere devotion.

This site offers an eclectic mix of handmade jewellery that is made solely by me. I am a one woman show causing chaos and creating treasures. I use traditional silversmithing techniques to create all of my work. Handmade is the very essence of my jewellery therefore I use no casting or use mass producing manufacturing techniques.

Each piece is my reflection of how the natural world can be captured into wearable art. I create unique pieces that will last a lifetime by combining semi-precious gemstones with sterling silver.

A lifelong love of vintage and second hand silver is the backbone of my passion for jewellery. Working in an antique jewellery store as a Saturday girl from the age of 13 developed my inner magpie and therefore opened up my world of metalwork obsession. Now I hand pick beautiful well made vintage silver from around the world. Bringing old pieces back into the light introduces a new life to wonderful artefacts that could of been lost forever.

Please enjoy this space, remember each piece of Amy Jennifer Jewellery is completely handmade. Each stage of the process from beginning to end has been done solely by myself. Some replicated designs may looks ever so slightly different due to the nature of hand crafted work and unique gemstones. All jewellery is completed to the highest standard with quality materials.

When you purchase handmade you are supporting a dream.

Thank you so much for visiting.

AJ xx